Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are finally speaking out about those dating rumors, pretty much confirming they are a couple but their way of letting us know they’re ALL IN with this relationship …. Is rather INTERESTING to say the least.

Hey everyone, I’m Erin Robinson with Clevver News and Shawn and Camila are FINALLY coming clean about at least a FEW rumors and setting the record straight.

Like the rumors that they kiss like fish apparently.

After months of speculation, it’s pretty clear these two are dating and the relationship was not JUST to promote Senorita and get it to #1 on the charts.

I mean, they make out LITERALLY everywhere. If they aren’t dating, they’ve got one hell of a FWB set-up going on!

They are currently one of the cutest “couples” out there and their performances together are straight fire.

It’s no shock they have this much chemistry together, the two HAVE known each other for years, since 2014 to be exact, and their relationship-y vibes have always been strong.

They collabed before and honestly just look like they have the best time together.

She captioned this throwback: “remember that one time @shawnmendes and @schloss8decided to turn me into a fruit basket while i was napping?.... KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN BOYS”

We know Camila was in a relationship prior Shawn. She was dating relationship expert or the “Love guru” Matthew Hussey, but the two split earlier this summer and bada-bing bada-boom she was swapping spit with Shawn not long after!

Obvi, we KNOW he can “treat her better.”

They’ve also seemingly confirmed their relationship with Shawn confirming he is in a relationship a few weeks ago. But he remained coy and refused to confirm who the other person is...which cough cough we know is Camila.

The other night, they took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek into their rumored relationship and let’s just say things got PERSONAL.

Are these two auditioning for Next Years MTV Movie & TV Awards for best kiss in THIS Insta video?

Hey if you can’t laugh at yourself… then who can you laugh at, amiright?!

Reactions to the video have been mixed to put it lightly. Some fans are currently trying to erase their memories while others are CLEARLY thirsty for more.

This twitter user wrote: “Me to people after saying they didn’t enjoy Shawn and Camila kiss:”


While another tweeted: “Me watching shawn and camila kiss on instagram”

And another: “if any one of y’all posts that shawn mendes and camila video on my tl one more time …”

Okay, did we say mixed emotions about this kiss? While it’s raunchy and funny and poking fun at their haters… we CANNOT look away. It’s been on repeat on our feed for a little bit and I think I may forget what normal kissing even looks like.

In the end, I don’t think we could ship this couple any more than we already do. Maybe a little less graphic PDA, but still keep those lovey dovey videos coming. And maybe another song while you’re at it? Our Spotify account is getting whiplash from playing “Senorita” on repeat.

What did you think of the Shawn and Camila’s overly public display of affection? Are you grossed out or do you want more? Is this couple endgame or will it be another celeb relationship? Let’s chat about it in the comments below.

While you’re there, show us some love...but let’s keep it PG… and hit the subscribe button and ring the bell to stay up to date with everything celebrity. You know we can “treat you better” than those other Youtube pages.

Thanks for hanging out with me, I’m Erin Robinson with Clevver News.

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