Selena Gomez’s mom is speaking out about Jelena and she’s NOT holding back.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber might be happy about their rekindled relationship, but Mandy Teefey definitely isn’t.

There have been reports that Selena Gomez’s mom, Mandy Teefey, isn’t thrilled that Justin Bieber is back in her daughter’s life ever since they started hanging out again, but now she’s speaking out about the relationship and isn’t afraid to let her true feelings show.

Mandy told Gossip Cop that she’s QUOTE “not happy” that Justin and Selena are back together and confirms that although many reported he was in contact with the family during Sel’s kidney transplant over the summer, they haven’t spoken in years.

But even though Mandy doesn’t like Justin, she acknowledges that Selena is an adult who can make her own decisions about who she wants to date. She continued saying QUOTE “Selena can live her life however she wants as long as she is happy, safe and healthy. She is 25 years old and knows what is at stake with her health. I do not control her the way it has been portrayed. Selena is an adult and can make her own choices.”

There were previously reports that Mandy was hospitalized following a fight she got into with Selena about Justin, but apparently that story was not true and the “Despacito” singer had nothing to do with her hospitalization. Shortly after that story broke, more information came out that said Selena and her mom’s issues actually run way deeper than Jelena and the drama started before they reunited.

Mandy says, however, that she and Sel don’t have serious problems, but rather a normal mother-daughter relationship that has its ups and downs like everyone else’s.

She said of her 2014 decision to stop being Selena’s manager QUOTE, “Every mother and daughter has disagreements. We never expected to manage her her whole life. We lost family time because the only time we saw her, we talked business. It was no longer fun for any of us, like it was when she was younger and we had to be with her because she was a minor.”

Mandy did not comment on why she and her famous daughter decided to unfollow each other on Instagram last month, or whether she ever plans to accept Justin back into the family. Selena also hasn’t spoken out about her mom’s interview, but I can imagine that being a super awkward phone call.

Justin says his mama likes everyone, but that’s clearly not the case for Selena’s mom, and that must be really tough. Would you ever date someone your family didn’t approve of, or is that a total dealbreaker? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and then click here for a list of 7 movies you need to see before this awards season ends. I’m your host Naz Perez, thanks so much for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time.

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