Even if people are moving on up to something bigger and better, they’re fed up with the entire process.

The average person makes five different mistakes in a single move.

Take it from a new survey of 2,000 Americans by OnePoll on behalf of Article.

The number one moving mistake?

Forty-five percent of folks said stressful last-minute packing.

Thirty-seven percent of those who have moved said it’s a pain when the furniture doesn’t fit in the room it was planned for and 36% made the mistake of doing everything on their own.

Another regret is not saving enough to hire movers.

Thirty-five percent of people made that mistake.

The survey results from Article showed cleaning the old place gave people the most stress at 41%.

In terms of stressful life moments, folks in the survey said moving into a new home was *more of a chore than planning a wedding or having a child.

People hate moving so much, they’d be willing to give things up than pack up any more boxes.

I’m talking about booze and chocolate, and some would even agree to torture themselves at the DMV.

They’re the top three things Americans would rather do than move.

Eighty-two percent said they learned something from past moving mistakes and didn’t make the same ones in the future.

It looks like people aren’t bringing their baggage to the next place.

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