The ban of single-use plastic that has been in place since 2016 transformed the Guatemalan town of San Pedro La Laguna in many ways. Footage filmed on Sunday shows how residents re-use plastic waste and what kind of alternatives they resort to.

Mayor of San Pedro La Laguna, Mauricio Mendez, explained that "the prohibition of a plastic bag, straw and duroport, is the result of how bad the situation with the garbage cleaning service was, this system was collapsed."

Plastic bottles and caps have since been given a second life, as they can be seen being used for various types of constructions.

Market vendors have also given up on the use of plastic. They now serve food in mashan leaves.

"When we used bags we made a lot of trash, and people asked for more bags. We put chicken in a bag and the customers asked for another one. Now people are no longer using bags, they bring their containers and with the mashan leaves we wrap chicken," said Joesfina Navichoc, one of the vendors.

Reports indicate that the water pollution in the town decreased by 90% in three years.

"It is the work of the entire population which found the meaning of giving back to mother earth to live in peace and harmony," Mauricio Mendez said.

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