Russia: Russian robot FEDOR finally arrives home

Roscosmos confirmed the successful return of the Russian humanoid robot Skybot F-850 Fedor to the spacecraft company 'Energia' in Korolyov on Tuesday.

Specialists from the Space Construction Company (RKK) extracted FEDOR from his capsule using a hoist.

The Soyuz MS-14 carrying the robot landed back on Earth in a rural area of south-central Kazakhstan on Friday, after spending two weeks abroad the International Space Station (ISS).

FEDOR - short for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research - was Russia's first humanoid robot to be sent into space.

The aim of the mission was to free up time for human crews on board as well as testing a new kind of spacecraft.

FEDOR's unmanned Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft took off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on August 22. It failed to dock on its first attempt, eventually attaching itself to the ISS on August 27.

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