Russia President Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of developing Russia's digital economy, at a meeting with the President's council on Strategic Development and Priority Projects, in Moscow, on Wednesday.

SOT, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia (Russian): "The digital economy is not a separate industry; in fact, it is a way of life, a new basis for the development of a system of public administration, economy, business, the social sphere and the whole of society. The digital economy is a matter of national security and independence of Russia, competition between domestic companies and the position of the country on the world stage in the long term, for the next decade in fact."

SOT, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia (Russian): "In general technological development is good, the intellectual basis is very good, but we need a breakthrough with you. That's what we need and it needs to be done. One of our colleagues in an Arab country, a former oil minister said that the Stone Age ended not because the stones had run out, but because new technologies appeared. Here they appear in the world. And those that are late to the competition will instantly, and I want to emphasise this, in any case very quickly become completely dependent on leaders in this process. Russia cannot allow this to happen, and most importantly, we have all the chances and opportunities of using these factors, which I have already mentioned, they need to be used as much as possible. All that I have mentioned is what we need today. We need to use everything to its maximum potential, in order to ensure this breakthrough and breakthroughs in the future."

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