Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the leader of the Ukrainian political party Opposition Platform — For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, in Vladivostok, Russia on Thursday.

The Ukrainian legislator thanked the Russian leader for the invitation to the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) and for the chance to meet Ukrainian residents who are serving prison sentences in the Russian Federation in Lefortovo.

The Russian president mentioned that Medvedchuk has been pursuing his goals “for many years. It is a noble mission. You are doing it not without success. That is why you very successfully convert our good attitude into specific humanitarian actions, concrete actions. I think people will remember it.”

Medvedchuk added that Ukraine is interested in markets for Ukrainian goods.

“Our party [Opposition Platform — For Life] stands for the principle of the recovery of trade and economic relations with [the] Russian Federation, CIS countries, moreover it is time that the Ukrainian economy was headed to the Pacific Rim markets,” he said.

The politicians had a conversation after a plenary meeting of the EEF, which runs between September 4-6 in Vladivostok.

Earlier Medvedchuk and fellow party member Vadim Rabinovich went to Moscow's Lefortovo detention facility to visit Ukrainian prisoners amid reports of a possible prisoner exchange between Moscow and Kiev on August 30.

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