Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated his fellow countrywomen on International Women’s Day in Moscow on Thursday.

“I wholeheartedly congratulate you on International Women’s Day. We are glad to have this wonderful occasion to talk about our greatest respect for you, about the adoration of your beauty and tenderness. We know that a woman’s heart is the most faithful, her forgiveness is the most perceptive and mother’s love is truly infinite,” the President said.

Vladimir Putin didn’t miss an opportunity to read a poem in honour of women, as tradition, written by the Russian poet Andrei Dementiev:

‘We are conquered by the woman's soul.

And her graying, when that time has come.

While I'm alive, I'll pray to them.

Love to other delights I prefer.

The Lord revealed to us woman, as a miracle,

Entrusting the world with this beauty.’

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