The blackout in Venezuela was provoked abroad, said Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova at her weekly briefing in Moscow on Friday.

"According to the legal government with President Maduro as its head and other reputable sources that confirm this information, the Venezuelan electro-energy sector suffered from an attack coming from abroad," Zakharova stated.

Zakharova said that Russia would be ready to assist Caracas, if they so requested, calling the blackout a 'diversion.'

All but one of Venezuela's states were switched on March 8.

The Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson also started her briefing by expressing "deep sorrow" and support for people of New Zealand, after a mass shooting in Christchurch killed at least 49.

"As it became known, the President of Russia sent his condolences to the leadership of New Zealand. We are shocked by this terrible atrocity," she said.

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