Russian presidential candidate for the Civic Initiative party Ksenia Sobchak commented on Duma deputy Leonid Slutsky's alleged harassment by saying "the fact that you are a lawmaker does not give you a right to molest women" while holding a picket in front of the State Duma in Moscow, Thursday.

Sobchak stood next to the State Duma building in central Moscow, holding a poster reading "Deputies! We don't want you."

Near the Duma building another woman held a yellow Amnesty international-marked poster reading "Mister Volodin [current State Duma Chairman], are you afraid to investigate harassment cases in the Duma? If so, you should quit!"

Three female journalists have accused Slutsky, the head of the Duma's foreign affairs committee, of sexual harassment. Slutsky has denied all the allegations and threatened to sue the women on defamation charges.

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