Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine meltdown

Rudy Giuliani is all over the place in public appearances about the Ukraine drama. As he keeps spilling information, it’s creating more of a mess for the administration. Chris Cillizza explains what is going on with Trump’s personal lawyer.

Giuliani contradicts himself but says he'll testify if directed by Trump

Rudy Giuliani Cancels His Trip to Ukraine, Blaming Democrats’ ‘Spin’

Trump’s Pinocchio-laden claims about Joe Biden, Ukraine and polls

Trump's Ukraine call cover-up implicates Rudy Giuliani — but there were other lawyers involved

Who's Afraid of Rudy Giuliani?

Why Giuliani is blaming his own problems on George Soros

House Democrats subpoena Giuliani for Ukraine documents in impeachment inquiry

Ukrainians named in whistleblower report say Giuliani was clear about wanting to open probe into political rivals' dealings in Kiev

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