A robot is helping to keep elderly people in Hong Kong safe from the deadly coronavirus by allowing them to make video calls.

Visits to an elderly care center have been restricted in the wake of COVID-19, but Temi the robot means residents can still stay in touch with their relatives and loved ones.

The elderly are considered particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus, Hong Kong is implementing measures to safeguard the health of the elderly as much as possible.

Temi can also remind residents to do their daily routine, like washing hands and doing exercise, through its voice prompt function.

The government has set up a quarantine center for people who are at higher risk of catching the coronavirus, for example those who were in close contact with infected patients, or have visited mainland China.

As new coronavirus cases in China dropped to zero several days in a row, the chief medical officer for the International Clinic of Wuhan was alarmed at those elsewhere refusing to follow rules to contain the virus. Dr. Philippe Klein said people should look to China’s confinement of tens of millions as an example to emulate “with courage, with patience, with solidarity.”

Worldwide, more than 307,000 people have been infected. For most, the coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms. But it can cause more severe illness in others, especially older adults and people with existing health conditions. Some 92,000 people have recovered, mostly in China, where the virus first struck late last year.


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