After the overnight proroguing of parliament, could the UK be headed straight towards a no-deal Brexit? Boris Johnson's bound by law now to ask for an extension unless there's an agreement with the European Union... but the new PM's defiant, saying come what may, Britain's leaving October 31st. With MPs in recess for the next five weeks, François Picard's panel measures just how much Johnson is testing the UK's democracy.

51 days to Brexit yet the UK Parliament's about to spend 34 of them in recess. Boris Johnson closed shop after failing against in his bid for an early snap general election and defying Parliament's passage of a bill to stop government from leaving the EU without a deal. Will Johnson's «the people vs Parliament» strategy work when that general election finally comes? On the day Ursula Von Der Leyen unveiled her lineup, we ask about what perils in UK's current crisis for the rest of the continent. With us tonight: Leave supporter Simon BREWER (CEO & Director, Vantage Investment Advisory), Duncan FAIRGRIEVE, (Professor of comparative Law, University Paris Dauphine) and economist Rémi BOURGEOT “associate fellow at IRIS).

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