Road Collapse Kills at Least 8 in China's Foshan

Local government in Foshan City, south China's Guangdong Province, is pooling efforts from multiple departments to continue search and rescue operations following the collapse of road on Wednesday that killed eight people, injured nine others and left three still unaccounted for. Meanwhile, an investigation is underway to probe into the cause of the accident.

The accident occurred in a subway construction site in downtown Foshan. Leaking started at the construction site around 19:00. Workers tried to stop the leak but failed. Around 20:40 the leaking area expanded. Leaking distorted and damaged the underground tunnel which led to the collapse of a 30-meter-long section of Jihuaxi Road.

The contractor of this section of the road, Second Harbor Engineering Company of China Communications Construction Company immediately contacted local police, gas, water, power and communication departments. Roads and streets nearby were closed. The site's power, water and gas supply had been shut off.!language=1

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