It’s 2020 and we’re living in a different era. I’m not talking about the new decade. I’m talking about how we’re living in a world where Rihanna is single. But that might not be for long, by the looks of it.What’s up guys it’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and Rihanna might have Love On The Brain because she’s hanging out with one of her exes again - the one and only Champagne Papi. Just in case you missed it, Rihanna and her super hot super rich boyfriend of three years Hassan Jameel reportedly split up. The news broke late last week. We’re not really sure when they broke up, or why, but reports say that Rihanna is living the single life. Maybe these differences ended up separating them in the end, but we’ll have to wait for more information to see.Anyway, Us Weekly reported that Rihanna was seen hanging out with Drake during Yams Day, a tribute concert celebrating the lives and losses of some of hip-hops biggest names. The concert gets bigger and bigger every year, and this year it got appearances from people like ASAP Rocky, Rihanna, and Drake.In a weekend full of ex-lover reunions, including Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, a video was taken at Yams Day of Drake and Rihanna standing next to each other.It’s just a second long clip, but it speaks volumes. So is a possible romance heating up between the two of them?Well, maybe. Maybe not.Because the two have hung out quite a bit in the past year - when Rihanna was still boo’d up with Hassan Jameel. Like, back in October during Drake’s big birthday week. He threw a birthday party at Poppy in Los Angeles back in October.And his birthday wish came true when none other than Rihanna walked through the doors to his birthday party.She brought two of her friends along with her, because nobody can tell Rihanna who she can and can’t bring. She gets a plus 1? Well she’s bringing 2. Apparently, she was escorted by security straight to Drake’s table.And it wasn’t just a brief appearance by Rihanna. According to reports by E! News, Rihanna stayed with Drake for several hours. They were seen chatting and laughing at their table, where Drake kept buying bottles of Dom Perignon and Don Julio 1942. This time around there was a little less alcohol involved in their meeting. After their first meetup in October, Drake responded to rumors that he might be getting back with Rihanna.Earlier last year, Drake also finally squashed his long-time beef with Rihanna’s physically abusive ex boyfriend Chris Brown.The two released a song and a music video together where they dance it out. Before that, they were feuding for what feels like forever now, well since 2009.Three years after that, Drake and Chris got into a fight at a nightclub that injured both of them, but now I guess they’re trying to let bygones be bygones.In 2018, Rihanna also told Vogue Magazine that her and Drake don’t really talk anymore. But it seems like now they’re on the road to friendship once again! Or maybe something more.Because let me tell you, in the past few months Rihanna has been spotted by cameras more with Drake than she ever has been with her boyfriend Hassan. In fact, there’s only a handful of photos of them together - most of them were taken secretly by paparazzi while the two were on vacation or at sports games together. Rihanna never took Hassan onto a red carpet with her.And that’s after almost 3 whole years of dating - when Rihanna was first linked to Hassan back in June of 2017. Rumors circulated once before, in 2018, that Rihanna and Hassan had broken up. Hmm maybe that can be said about Drake as well. It was no secret that Drake had been pining over Rih for quite some time.SOT – she’s someone I have been in love with since I was 22 years old.And in 2016 they finally let that romance flourish … very briefly.The two were seen together throughout the summer, but eventually fizzled out as both superstars went their own way.Maybe that could also be said about ASAP Rocky, who Rihanna was also spotted with this weekend. US Weekly reported that Rihanna was seen smiling and laughing with him backstage at the Yams Day Benefit Concert at New York City’s Barclay Center. Rihanna and ASAP have an even briefer history than her and Drake.They were once spotted kissing off-screen while filming a music video together back in 2013. So it seems like Rihanna has the pick of the litter now that he’s single. What do you guys think? Should Rihanna give it another go with Drake? What about ASAP? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.And then make sure you’re subscribed to Clevver News if you’re not already!

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