As FC Schalke fans were gathering in the German city of Gelsenkirchen on Saturday ahead of their squad's clash with FC Bayern, one of the fans, Mohammed Mohammed, stood out, as he was riding around on his bicycle with a beer cup on his head.

Nigerian refugee Mohammed found an unconventional way to fight racism and integrate into the German society by joining Schalke FC fan club and carrying a beer cup on his head, which, as he thinks, helps him to make people smile.

Mohammed said that carrying things on a head "is common practice in Africa, but I hadn't done it for years, but when I started doing it with Schalke and I found people were responding positively to it, I thought it was a good idea."

Working as a caregiver for a disabled person, Mohammed is convinced that sitting at home doesn't help with assimilation and integration and adds that joining a fan club and attracting people's attention with his stunt helps him to connect with the society.

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