Having a bad meal can be an eye-opening experience.

But there are 5 tell-tale signs you should look out that let you know you’re dining at a bad restaurant.

Take it from industry experts INSIDER, Mashed and Reader’s Digest spoke with.

We eat with our eyes first, but before we can get a dish, we need to look at the menu.

If it’s dirty, that’s a red flag because they should be wiped down.

Dirty menus could mean cleanliness isn’t very important to the restaurant.

That could also mean the bathrooms don’t get much attention, either.

We’re all human and mistakes do get made in busy restaurants.

But experts say it’s a red flag when the kitchen keeps serving up mistakes – again and again.

It’s a sign something isn’t right, either in the kitchen or perhaps the staff hasn’t been properly trained.

If you walk in during peak hours and the restaurant is empty, turn around and walk out.

Industry experts say there’s usually a reason for it; whether it’s bad customer service, lousy food or it’s too expensive.

A dead giveaway could be sitting right next to you.

If other diners seem unhappy, you could be next.

It’s a bad sign when you see other customers looking for their server, sending food back to the kitchen or waiting a while for their order to come out of the kitchen.

It’s not very appetizing looking at someone else’s half-eaten meal.

It’s a red flag that things aren’t running smoothly behind the scenes when tables aren’t being cleared.

But it’s one way to clear a restaurant of would-be diners!

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