When it comes to online dating, it’s important to read between the lines.

Here are 5 seemingly straightforward things people say on online profiles, and what they really mean.

Take it from a funny freelance writer and actor at Next Avenue and relationship experts Cosmopolitan and Bustle spoke with.

When someone says, “I’m athletic and exercise daily,” that means they used to be a gym rat.

Don’t be surprised if you show up for your date and the toned person from the photos isn’t there.

When someone says they’re living life to the fullest, it could mean they’re basic, and don’t know how to make themselves seem interesting so they’re filling the page with clichés that sound good.

When someone says they’re adventurous, it could mean two things – good and bad.

One, that they just like hooking up.

Or two, that they’d like to go on an adventure with a new partner, and it’s pretty uncommon to go on a hiking trip with a random fling.

When someone just wants to see what’s out there, they’re fishing to see what bites and aren’t ready to commit to anyone they meet.

When someone says they’re witty, it probably means they’ve got a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and will most likely say something that crosses the line.

Online dating certainly is a game.

Only these days, you’re not playing the field, you’re playing the phone.

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