The Raptors Blew It

The Raptors came oh so close to winning a championship Monday night, and it’s not the one-point final margin that’ll stick if this series goes sour for them.

Kawhi Leonard had come alive in the fourth quarter of a Game 5 so weird that the first half felt like it had happened a week ago, in a different series.

He had scored 10 straight Toronto points to cap off a 12-2 run that put the Raptors up six.

The Warriors were out of sorts and running disjointed plays and missing everything and the champagne was on ice in the locker room.

And then there were 3:05 remaining and the Raptors called timeout.

If the Raptors were winded, so were the Warriors.

And if the Raptors were rolling and the Warriors in a haze of confusion, the timeout gave Golden State the time to at the very least equalize that situation.

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