When you have a security camera outside your home, you can see what’s happening.

But you’re in the dark without them.

So, when a reporter with the BBC across the pond saw a giant crack in his patio windows, he assumed he was another victim of vandalism.

But the culprit wasn’t the masked bandit we all assumed.

Being that 58-year-old Quentin Rayner is a reporter, he grabbed his camera and started filming the bizarre incident.

Rayner thinks the animal saw its own reflection and thought it was another ram and bashed into the glass.

Rayner and his wife called the police – and the insurance company – to both see where the ram came from and get a damage assessment.

Turns out, a local farmer says the ram escaped from his field.

He must have felt sheepish admitting that.

As for the insurance part, an assessor agreed to pay up and Rayner and his wife just had to pay the excess.

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