Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia had developed four new "unstoppable" nuclear systems devised specifically to render American missile defenses "useless" — and even played animations of launches toward the US. The systems include a superfast underwater drone, a nuclear-powered "unlimited"-range cruise missile, a new intercontinental ballistic missile with several independent warheads, and a hypersonic missile to be fired from jets. With most everything from the Kremlin, it's best to take its claims with a grain of salt. But one thing is certain: In a full-on nuclear attack from Russia, the US has little chance to defend itself and millions would die almost instantly. Since the Cold War, the US and Russia have drawn up plans on how to best wage nuclear war against each other; and while large population centers with huge cultural impact may seem like obvious choices, a smarter nuclear attack would focus on countering the enemy's nuclear forces.

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