Thousands of people protested in Puerto Rico's capital of San Juan on Saturday, as public pressure mounts on Governor Ricardo Rossello to resign in the wake of offensive messages from a private group chat being leaked to the public.

"What the chat did was open the eyes of the people that they are disrespecting women, homosexuals, the dead," said former Miss Puerto Rico Alba Reyes, who was present at the protests. "They don't care about anything. The only thing these people care about is public opinion and how to manipulate it."

"In reality we are demonstrating under a chant of 'enough already.' We have endured too much, it has been the same two parties with the same politics," said protester Juan Carlos Jimenez. "It is no longer red nor blue. Here we are not against one party or a specific leader, we must change the system."

Protests were held over the last week, after nearly 900 pages of private chats between Rosello and members of his inner circle were leaked. The exchanges exposed misogynistic, homophobic and profane messages, but they also contained threats against political opponents. Some comments also mocked victims of Hurricane Maria and disabled people, with a number of cabinet members and top aides involved in the scandal.

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