Thousands of people took to the streets of Puerto Rico's capital of San Juan on Monday for the 10th consecutive day, to demand Governor Ricardo Rossello's resignation after the leak of controversial messages from a private group chat.

Rossello's recent announcement to forego running for reelection and resign from the leadership of the New Progressive Party was not enough for the protesters. Carrying banners and signs, they surrounded La Fortaleza, the governor's mansion, chanting and urging him to step down immediately.

"If he does not respond as he should be and resigns bravely, we will continue this fight, we will continue day after day with different demonstrations in different ways and believe me that he will not have any other alternative but to leave," said one protester.

"I had already lost hope that this country would rise, but today I feel like this country is getting up on their feet and fighting. I had never seen such a large multitudinous activity," added protester Wilmer Estela da Cruz.

Protests were held over the last week after nearly 900 pages of private chats between Rosello and members of his inner circle were leaked. The exchanges exposed misogynistic, homophobic and profane messages, but they also contained threats against political opponents. Some comments also mocked victims of Hurricane Maria and disabled people, with a number of cabinet members and top aides involved in the scandal.

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