Police detain protesters while people march in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, against India's Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Tuesday, December 31.

Thousands are ringing in the New Year by continuing protests against a citizenship law, despite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attempts to dampen demonstrations that have run for nearly three weeks.

India has been rocked by the protests since Dec. 12, when the government passed legislation easing the way for non-Muslim minorities from the neighboring Muslim-majority nations of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to gain Indian citizenship.

Combined with opposition to a proposed national register of citizens, many Indians fear the move will discriminate against the minority Muslim community and chip away at the country's secular constitution.

The BJP has also launched an effort, backed by a social media campaign, to explain that the CAA is not discriminatory and is needed to help non-Muslim minorities persecuted in the three neighboring countries. (REUTERS)

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