Police fired tear gas on 'black bloc' protesters in Nantes, France as hundreds took to the streets for an anti-pension reform protest, Tuesday, December 17.

READ MORE: Teachers, doctors, Eiffel Tower employees and workers across the French labor force walked off the job Tuesday to resist a higher retirement age and to preserve a welfare system they fear their business-friendly president wants to dismantle.

Lighting red flares and marching beneath a blanket of multi-colored union flags, thousands of angry workers snaked through French cities from Brittany on the Atlantic to the Pyrenees in the south to oppose President Emmanuel Macron's overhaul of the French pension system.

Commuters and tourists faced a 13th straight day of traffic headaches as train drivers kept up their protest of changes to a system that allows them and other workers under special pension regimes to retire as early as their 50s.

LINK: https://www.voanews.com/europe/no-school-no-trains-no-eiffel-tower-franc...

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