Police Clash with Protesters in Kenya’s Kisumu

Moments after Kenya’s opposition Presidential candidate Raila Odinga rejected the voting results, protests broke out in the western town of Kisumu – an opposition stronghold.

While dozens of angry residents took to the streets, Odinga urged his supporters to stay calm – but the protesters were far from being calm.

"In my opinion I think something is wrong, you can hear from the back and any normal person must ask himself 'What is really going on? What is wrong with the election? What have we done that the police are around here? What is so fishy about this election?'" said a protester as police continued to fire tear gas to disperse Odinga supporters in Kisumu.

This part of Kisumu suffered the most during the violence that followed the 2007 elections. In anticipation of something similar or worse, police moved in quickly to take control over the situation.

While the locals are hopeful this is a one-off incident.

On Wednesday, people mostly steered clear from the streets, as they waited for the final results and hoping.


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