British PM Boris Johnson is set to attempt once more to secure the votes required from MPs to call a snap election. But other options exist to push for a no-deal Brexit.

As the clock ticks down to the latest Brexit deadline... Boris Johnson remains determined the UK will leave the EU on the 31st of October, do or die. UPSOT Boris... I'd rather be dead in a ditchBut the British Prime Minister faces opposition from Parliament, with lawmakers trying to block the option of a no-deal Brexit. And, having lost his majority, with the defection of MP Philip Lee, followed by his purge of 21 rebel conservative lawmakers, he's now looking to call a snap election. That's not a simple process either... DLS Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act

Johnson would need 2/3 of MPs, that's 434 of them, to support an election... And on Wednesday he only secured 298 votes. He's set to try again on Monday. If the Speaker, John Bercow allows it. There are a couple of other options available to him... DLS Johnson could propose a short new law, that would specify the date of an election, and require only a simple majority to pass. OR the most radical.... the government could call a vote of no-confidence in itself. ....But opposition parties have said they'll block any attempts to hold a snap election in mid october. until a no deal brexit is off the table.SOT Hugo Dixon the Labour party is wise not to give Boris a general election quite yet. Every day that goes on is going to be trouble for Bojo; If he finally gets his gen election, say it's called in late October, after he's been forced to rub his own nose in a mess of his own creation by asking for extra time. I'm not sure that Boris will be in a fit state to win that election. Without any intervention, the next election isn't due to take place until 2022. But with Parliament blocked over Brexit, many lawmakers feel a vote is necessary, it's likely to be a question of when, not if.

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