Microwave ovens are super convenient for making popcorn or reheating coffee, but microwaving many popular food items destroys the taste and texture in a hot minute. According to Digital Trends, anything with a flaky crust, like croissants or quiche, will instantly turn into a grease-sodden lump. Same goes for pizza, soft tacos, and bagels, which get chewy and flavorless. And eggs? The first word that comes to mind about cooking or reheating eggs in a microwave oven is “yuck.” Prepare to spend time cleaning out the oven after you toss out the scattered egg remnants. Same goes for fish--plus the added bonus of a lingering fish smell in the oven itself. And while steak won't explode, it'll pretty much turn into shoe leather. Finally, never, ever heat baby formula in a microwave. Microwave ovens don't heat food evenly, and it's frighteningly easy to accidentally burn baby's mouth!



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