Protesters opposing the dissolution of Peru's Congress flooded Lima streets, accusing country's President Martin Vizcarra of a coup d'etat, on Monday.

People held Vizcarra's pictures with the word "dictator" written on them, facing off with some of the passers-by who supported the dissolution, with police separating rival groups.

"It is very clear that a coup d'etat has happened in Peru, and we have to be here, in principle, to reject that coup d'etat of Mr. Vizcarra, who will respond in due course in court," said lawyer, Javier Villa Stein.

The dissolution announcement came after lawmakers voted to replace almost all Constitutional Court judges despite the objections of President Vizcarra, who presented a vote of confidence to the Congress in an attempt to prevent the replacements. Vizcarra dissolved the Congress after it appointed a new justice. Opposition politicians who held the majority in Congress said the dissolution amounted to a coup.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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