Alan Garcia, the former two-time president of Peru, has died after shooting himself in the head in Lima on Wednesday.

Garcia shot himself when police arrived to his home in the Peruvian capital to arrest him in connection with the ongoing 'Odebrecht' corruption investigation. He was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery, but died a few hours later.

Crowds of supporters and media can be seen gathered outside the hospital where he underwent surgery.

Garcia, who served as president between 1985 and 1990 and then again from 2006 to 2011, is suspected of taking bribes from Brazilian company Odebrecht in return for granting construction contracts during his second stint in office.

He was to be the third former Peruvian president to face charges as part of the scandal involving Odebrecht, which has admitted paying Latin American officials more than $800 million (€708 million) in bribes over decades in return for building contracts.


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