Thousands of Pakistanis gathered together to form themselves in the shape of 'Al Noor' Mosque in Shorkot on Friday, in honour of the victims of New Zealand's Christchurch shootings and to send a message of peace.

The event started with a recitation of the Quran and was followed by the participants shaping the words 'Islam is peace' on the grounds of the mosque.

"It was [an] expression of solidarity, and it was to pay tribute to the martyrs of [the] Christchurch incident and to the victims and [in] solidarity with the honourable Prime Minister of New Zealand, their government and their civil society", said Chairman of the Muslim Institute, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali.

He added: "In the time when the theory of [the] clash of civilisations is being discussed, literally the Prime Minister and the civil society of New Zealand have become modern bridge-builders between civilisations, between Islam and the West".

The event, which was organised by the the 'Muslim Institute', involved more than 20,000 people paying tribute to the victims of the shooting which claimed 50 lives in New Zealand last month.

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