Dozens of protesters held a rally in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, on Sunday. They demanded an end to the lockdown of India-administered part of the region and allow them to meet their relatives across the border.

Footage shows demonstrators chanting anti-Indian slogans and holding banners with appeals for international help. Some of them taped their mouths in protest.

"We don't know how our grandfather, grandmother and others are coping with the situation. We know nothing. We are unable to contact them so I appeal to the United Nations to decide the future of Kashmir according to its resolutions," said Iqra Usman, one of protesters.

"I am asking the world when is it going to wake up? When will the world open its eyes to see this misery? Kashmir is crying today. Kashmir is in a blood bath today," said Mushtaq ul Islam, another protester.

Indian-administered Kashmir has been on lockdown since the Indian government stripped the region of its autonomous status two weeks ago, imposed a curfew and shut down all communications. The move angered Pakistan which responded by cutting off diplomatic and economic ties with India.


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