Thousands of Muslims marked Ashura with self-flagellation in Pakistani Rawalpindi on Tuesday, mourning the death of Husayn ibn Ali, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

"This is the message to Mr. Modi. What he has done to our Muslim brothers in Kashmir, is wrong. Imam will punish him for those, for whom we did self-flagellation today. Next year, Allah willing, with the prayer of our Imam, next year our self-flagellation with chains will be in Kashmir," said Faiz Ali, one of the worshippers.

The men chanted, beat their chests and whipped themselves with chains bearing blades, often until they bled.

Ashura, which takes place on the tenth day of Muharram in the Islamic Hijri calendar, is a day of mourning which commemorates the killing of Husayn ibn Ali as well as his family and companions at the Battle of Karbala on 10 Muharram, 61 AH (10 October 680 AD).

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NBA 25 Feb 2020 05:42 CET