I hope you packed your patience if you’re traveling internationally.

It now takes even longer to get a U.S. passport, according to the Washington Post.

The process of applying for and renewing a passport has famously taken a while, think four to six weeks.

But a recent official change has slowed things down even more.

The Post reports the State Department’s Passport Services agency said you can expect wait times between six to eight weeks to process a passport application.

The Post says it’s because they’re short-staffed, and the number of passport specialists working for the agency dropped by 14% since January 2017.

The agency hopes to handle the heavy workload and get the processing times down to lower levels by September.

That’s what a State Department official told the Post anyway.

Travel + Leisure says plan ahead and allow the full eight weeks for their paperwork to be processed.

But if you’re in a time-crunch, you can always pay an extra $60 to have it expedited in two to three weeks.

If you need it faster than that, make an appointment at a passport agency.

Otherwise, your travel plans will be grounded!

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