Tibetan macaques are taken good care of by a human "father" – their breeder Dobrgyal, at the Jagadongzan Scenic Spot in Gongbo'gyamda County, Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest China.

Dobrgyal has been the guardian for the macaques for 18 years since he retired from his position.

There used to be only 40 to 50 Tibetan macaques at the scenic spot, but now nearly 2,800 are living here.

"Previously there were few macaques here. Many tourist came here to feed them, and then more and more macaques gathered here to eat food; the number of macaques rose. Thanks to our country's protective policy, the monkeys are taken good care of here, even the food for the monkeys are provided by our county's forestry bureau," said Dobrgyal.

Dobrgyal drives five kilometers to the scenic spot to feed the macaques almost every day.

Once, Dobrgyal had to stay in hospital for appendicitis, and he asked his children to take the place of him to look after the macaques.

Sometimes Dobrgyal will bring those injured macaques home for treatment.

His neighbors knew his great affection for the macaques, so they nicknamed him "Monkeys' father".

Dobrgyal regards these creatures as his children, and enjoys himself when interacting with them.

However, Dobrgyal is worried that his health won't allow him to continue to feed the macaques.

"Now I'm so old, nearly 70 years old. In the rest of my life, I will do my utmost to look after the monkeys. If someday my health stopped me feeding them anymore, I will let my sons to replace me," said Dobrgyal.

Tibetan Macaques are level-II national protected animals in China. Most of them live in mountains at an altitude of 3000 to 4000 meters in Tibet.

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