The fireballs that light up the big screen are rooted in physics, careful calculations, and computer-generated algorithms.

These Hybrid Metallic Crystals Are Chemistry’s New Miracle Materials -

How Hollywood Pulled Off the Biggest Explosions in Movie History

"Some on-screen explosions are beautiful. Some are devastating. All are destructive. The work behind making a memorable movie blast is incredibly complicated, and what was once the domain of only practical special effects is now something that can also be augmented, or even achieved, with digital visual effects. Whatever the means, blowing buildings, vehicles, and entire cities to smithereens is an art."

Meet the man who made movie explosions look cooler

"A good explosion can take a terrible movie and turn it into something that wasn't a complete waste of time, money and popcorn.Theodore Kim, an associate professor of computer science at UC Santa Barbara who's also a senior research scientist at the Pixar Research Group, came up with an ingenious way for filmmakers to make explosions look more realistic without having to stuff a bunch of nitrocellulose under something and light it on fire."

How Big An Explosion Could You Realistically Survive?

"Everyone knows you can't survive a nuclear blast in a refrigerator (unless you're Indiana Jones). But what can the human body withstand? We take a look at the damage explosions cause and how humans survive it."

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