Biochemist Nick Lane anticipated that humans will have an answer to the question of the origin of life “within the next few years, or certainly within the next generation,” when speaking at the fourth Starmus Festival, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, on Thursday.

Lane’s own theory on the matter, which he presented at Starmus, is that energy and organic matter are linked through electrical charges on membranes, through electrical charges.

During his speech, Oceanographer John Delaney impressed on the audience the importance of humans understanding the complexity of the oceans. Delaney said, “Make no mistake about it. Even on the continents, if you live in Kansas or the Ukraine, no matter how far you are from the ocean, a lot of the conditions that you're subject to, and your food supply is subject to, is key to the oceans. So we really do need a deeper understanding of the oceans."

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