Economist Jeffrey Sachs gave an exclusive interview alongside the Starmus Festival in Trondheim on Tuesday in which he labelled US President Donald Trump "evil and an cynic” in response to his climate denial.

He described him rather as "a sociopath which means, inflicting harm on others does not bother this man. That’s the real problem."

"There are no jobs in coal, there are almost no jobs in oil and gas. The number of real coal miners in the United States, under 20,000 in a workforce of 150,000,000" said, Sachs, accusing Trump of being beholden to the oil and gas lobby. "The jobs in renewable energy: hundreds of thousands" he added.

The economist also commented on the US's part in the Ukraine conflict: "When the US pushed for Ukraine’s candidacy and eventual membership in NATO, to my mind that was the final straw that led to the break and we’ve been on a downward spiral since then"

"Simply demonizing Russia takes us back to the Cold War, which was an extraordinary dangerous time" he warned.

The former special adviser to the UN was scheduled to give a talk titled 'How We Can Survive Trump, Climate Change and other Global Crisis' at the Festival. The fourth Starmus Festival celebrates astronomy, space exploration, chemistry, physics, art and medicine and will run from June 18 until June 23.

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