Normal Anxiety Vs. An Anxiety Disorder

The Huffington Post recently asked, "Whether you’re worried about a job interview or concerned about your parents’ health, anxiety is part of being human. But when should your level of worry be cause for concern?" It’s also not all bad. Anxiety does serve an important purpose. Unfortunately, more intense versions of anxiety have increased over the past decade, so what's the difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder. Cheryl Carmin, a psychologist at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Harding Hospital, explained, “What makes this a diagnosable condition is that it causes a person to be distressed, or the anxiety interferes with a person’s life,” she said. “Most people are anxious before a job interview, but for the person who has an anxiety disorder, they may cancel the interview altogether due to their fear about what the interviewer may think about them.”

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