Language is funny. One little word can change the whole meaning of a sentence. And when we use words with multiple meanings, it sometimes can lead to confusion.What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and I’m not your english teacher. And I’m not here to give you a lesson on grammar. I’m here to tell you how Tana Mongeau got the internet dizzy with just one little word.It started this past Tuesday on Youtube, where Tana uploaded a video to her alt account, Tana Mongeau Vlogs. It was titled “I took my girlfriend’s phone and flirted with my best friend. Prank???”And the thumbnail showed a photo of Noah Cyrus kissing Tana on the cheek.The video itself was innocent enough… well, about as innocent as any other Tana Mongeau prank.The video was originally intended for Instagram TV, but Tana deemed it too good to not be on Youtube too.But I guess not good enough to be on her main page! Anyway, in the video, Tana takes Noah Cyrus’s phone and starts texting their mutual friend Imari flirty messages. All at 2:30AM.Am I the only one who thinks that Tana operates her best in the hours between 2 to 5AM? Because I feel like that’s when all of her storytimes, pranks, and vlogs take place. Like a few weeks ago when she was almost abducted or something in the back of that uber, for example! Okay moving on.Most of the video footage of the phone and the text messages between the two is totally blurred out. They say that’s because they’re sharing personal information like addresses with each other, trying to get each other to come overTana and some of her other friends, including Bella Thorne, go back and forth for a while with Imari, and long story short, Imari seems to fall for it and asks for Noah to come over.Noah, meanwhile, doesn’t talk too too much in the video. But when she does, you can tell that she’s having a bit of fun with the prank too. People took the title literally, and thought that Tana and Noah Cyrus were official girlfriends.And this one line in the video made it even worse. So, some people believed that this meant that Imari knew that Tana and Noah were dating and was trying to hook up with Noah anyway, willingly destroying he and Tana’s relationship.There was also talk of a threesome between Imari, Noah, and Noah’s friend LucasAnd Noah yelled out, Sooo you can definitely see why people thought that Tana and Noah were more than just friends.But in the end, Imari did the right thing and texted Tana that Noah was drunk, asking if she was okay.

And they all facetimed and clarified that it was just a prank.But they probably didn’t expect the takeaway that people would get from this video is that Tana and Noah are without a shadow of a doubt a couple. Even though Tana is quote, “married” to Jake Paul.But she’s said in the past, fairly recently, that they have an open relationship.Even though that was more of Jake’s idea, and she would rather be exclusive with only him.But even if they are open, there’s still a big difference between casual hook ups and having a whole girlfriend on the side.Especially one with a big name like Noah Cyrus. So many magazines and outlets including the Daily Mail took that video and ran with it, publishing stories like “Youtube Star Tana Mongeau confirms she is in a relationship with Noah Cyrus while still in an open marriage with Jake Paul”.And fans were very torn up about the whole thing.But other people, well, they liked the idea of Tana and Noah getting together. But unfortunately for all the “Nana” shippers out there, Noah went on her Instagram story to set the record straight. So that settles that. And while they’re not currently dating, they actually have a tense history together before they became friends. Tana actually thought that Noah hated her, since they both dated soundcloud rapper Lil Xan back in the day.But now they’re friends. JUST friends. So where does that leave us? Right back at the beginning! The rumor popped up and was dispelled all within a matter of 24 hours. But what do you guys think of the whole thing? Are you an undercover “Nana” shipper or do you just ship them as friends? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.And then make sure you subscribe to Clevver News if you want to get all the latest updates on any relationship news and rumors going around like Alissa violet and Jake Paul?!?! Click this video right here to get filled in! Im sussan mourad and Ill see you next time!

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