No hoots given! Barn owl rides bike with owner

Mikoto the owl caused a proper social media frenzy after videos were published of her wearing a red cap and going on a bicycle ride with her owner. Hoshikazu, owner of Mikoto, talked about his feathered friend on camera, in Ichihara on Sunday.

Footage shows Mikoto wearing the cap and going on a bicycle ride with Hoshikazu.

"I first saw her in an owl cafe and got it from a girl. Four years have already passed, and I think I'm getting used to it. Her name is Mikoto. Mikoto was named by my girlfriend," said Hoshikazu.

"My owl Mikoto is already a part of my family, and at the same time, like, kind of my lover," he said, adding, "Her character? Well, she has her own personality. Yeah, a cute personality. She is a type of Japanese woman."

"I want to know if she is happy with what I'm doing to her, whether my love is truly reaching her. Because owls can't speak, so I can just only see her by action. What I interpret her action is that if she is pleased, she shakes her butt," added Hoshikazu.


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