You know what they say these days, if the bed’s a rockin’ it’s probably broken, and you need a new one.

There’s no need to finish the dirty joke because couples are having less sex than in the previous two decades, and our busy schedules may be to blame.

Take it from a new study out of Britain of over 34,000 men and women, ages 16 to 44.

The massive study pulls from one of the largest sexual behavior surveys in the world, according to USA Today.

Married folks, couples who live together and people over 25 had the highest declines in sex frequency, according to researchers.

Why aren’t people getting busy?

The lead author says the fast pace of modern life, and juggling work, and having kids later in life can be too much for some.

With that said, researchers said middle-aged people are most affected.

On the flip side, CNN reports the general declines didn’t really apply to single people and men under 25.

Even though the study focused on the Brits, researchers say their findings match those in other countries including the United States.

Hat tip to CNN for pointing out the benefits of having a romp session, like reduced stress, stronger heart health and better sleep.

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