Americans better pack their patience as well as their passports.

If the constraints of time and money were removed, Americans picked Australia as the top international dream destination.

Take it from a new survey by Vrbo.

The vacation home rental service polled 1,067 Americans.

The goal was to see how age changes the way we feel about travel.

Even though Australia is one everyone’s list, Expedia data shows it was only the 18th-most-visited spot by Americans in 2018.

The idea is that time and money play a major role in trip choice.

But millennials are going into debt for dream vacations.

They’re the age group most likely to go into debt for travel (37%).

Gen Xers (27%) and baby boomers (15%) go into debt for travel as well.

Travelers of all ages agree that Wi-Fi is the most important amenity.

If you don’t post anything, did the trip even happen?

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