Business Insider reports that over 500 parents who work for Nike in Oregon take advantage of one of their most valuable 'perks.'

Set up in 1990, Nike offers a subsidized, on-site children's daycare program at three facilities across its headquarters in Oregon.

The centers currently accommodate over 500 families, and over 500 more families are on a waitlist.

But Bloomberg reports that the company is planning to move the daycare offsite to a facility that is 10 minutes away.

Over 1300 people have signed a petition urging Nike to keep the daycare on-site. Unhappy employees have also emailed CEO Mark Parker and COO Eric Sprunk to voice they concern.

But Sprunk responded to one employee's complaint via email, saying that they aim to make all of their benefits inclusive.

He added, : "[That] includes providing this benefit to the more than 500 families who can't take advantage of it today. I would ask you to also consider the experience from the lens of the parents who have been on the waitlist."

Some employees told Bloomberg that the daycare center move is symbolic of a bigger corporate culture, which "at best ignores the professional stress faced by women in particular."

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