Russian warship nearly collides with U.S. cruiser in ‘unsafe maneuver,’ Trump faces deadline to decide on new tariffs on Mexico, and man who discussed terror plot in Times Square arrested.

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1:29 Russian Warship Nearly Collides With U.S. Cruiser At Sea

3:19 Trump Faces Deadline On Imposing New Tariffs On Mexico

4:16 Trump: Pelosi "A Disgrace" For Saying She Wants Him In Prison

4:47 Jobs Report Disappoints With 75,000 Added In May

5:34 FBI Arrests Suspect After Threat To Attack Times Square

6:39 West Point Cadet Killed In Accident Identified

7:03 Ex-Officer Sentenced To 12.5 Years For Fatally Shooting Bride-To-Be

8:58 Country Music Star's 3-Year -Old Son Dies In Drowning Tragedy

10:37 New Health Danger Claims Against Dominican Republic Hotel Chain

12:28 NASA To Open International Space Station To Tourists

13:19 Trump: "NASA Should Not Be Talking About Going To The Moon"

14:06 Russian TV Plans Own Chernobyl Series Blaming Disaster On CIA

14:25 Hit Series Unlikely Tourism Boom At Chernobyl

16:10 Husband: Spinning Rescued Hiker "Thought She Was Going To Die"

18:14 Walmart To Offer In-Home Grocery Delivery Right To Your Fridge

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