Former Parkland deputy fired and arrested on 11 charges, Donald Trump emphasizes unity on second day of U.K. trip, and American couple dies from mystery illness on vacation in Fiji.

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1:55 Ex-Parkland Deputy Charged With Neglect, Negligence & Perjury

4:39 Trump Turns From Pageantry To Politics On U.K Trip Day Two

6:52 Thousands of Anti-Trump Protesters Flood London Streets

8:08 How Historic Floods & Trade War Could End Up Coasting You

9:45 American Couple Dead From Mystery Illness On Fiji Vacation

10:47 Three Americans Found Dead At Dominican Republic Resort

11:29 Father Hails Son As Hero Saving Lives In Shooting Massacre

12:15 Police Search Trash Plant In Hunt For Missing Mother

12:38 Missing Mother's Husband Behind Bars On Charges Related To Case

13:41 Parents Say Money Paid In College Cheating Scandal Was Charity

15:17 Study: Chicken & Beef Could Be Equally Bad For Cholesterol

15:52 Study: 10,000 Steps May Not Be Magic Number After All

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