Nicki Minaj surprised everybody when she dropped her fourth studio album, Queen, a week before the release date. And Nicki came hard this time around. The album has a whopping 19 songs and features Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne, Eminem and more.

After a four-year hiatus, Nicki knew she had to bring her best. But after having the weekend to listen through the album, some fans think she could have done better.

Her song “Barbie Dreams” stirred up alllll kinds of drama. I mean, she pretty much dissed every rapper in the game. But it was one lyric in particular that people took issue with. Talking about rapper Young Thug, Nicki raps QUOTE: “caught him in my dressing room stealing dresses and sh*t .”

Not only does she call him out for stealing, but some fans are also accusing Nicki of trying to embarrass him by insinuating that he likes dresses.

Another song that’s been causing some controversy is “Majesty,” where Nicki raps QUOTE: “They switchin’ like sissies now.”

“Sissy” is a word used to describe someone who’s effeminate or cowardly, and it’s long been used as an insult to gay men. So needless to say, some fans were not happy that the rapper used the word in her song.

LGBTQ advocate Mark Zustovich told the online publication them. that he was disappointed to see Nicki using such an offensive term. He said QUOTE: “I am a gay man who grew up being taunted by words like ‘fag,’ ‘homo,’ ‘sissy,’ and ‘fairy.’ These are more than just words that offend and deeply hurt people who identify or who are struggling to identify as LGBTQ — they are designed to make boys and men feel ‘less than’ or feminine, as if having feminine characteristics is something shameful. On the contrary, we as men should be embracing that more.”

On top of using the word “sissies,” Nicki also features Eminem on the song, who has been accused of homophobia multiple times throughout the years for his use of gay slurs. So basically, it’s just one big problematic mess.

But despite dissing more guys than we can count, Nicki claims she’s on good terms with all of them. But still, there’s never an excuse for using homophobic slurs, and her fans have been holding her accountable regardless.

But what do you guys think about Nicki’s lyrics? Are they problematic, or are people overreacting? Let us know down in the comments. Thanks for watching Clevver News; I’m your host, Zoe Lillian. Please click to the right to watch another new video, and don't forget to subscribe to our channels.

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