The next Furby? Meet Lovot, the new robot companion designed to love humans

Lovot, a new robot companion designed to make people feel loved, was unveiled by robot start-up GROOVE X at Southwest SXSW Conference & Festivals in Austin, Texas on Monday.

Lovot is a wheeled robot equipped with 50 sensors and it uses artificial intelligence to interact with human beings and create emotional attachment.

Although its practical functions are limited, Lovot is able to react to people's moods, follow its owner when called, become warm to the human touch and even fall asleep when cuddled.

"This is like a pet or like a companion. We came up with this product because in Japan we have lots of people who want to have a dog or a cat but they can't for some reasons, let's say, all the family members are away throughout the day, or [like] myself I'm allergic, I love animals but I can't have a dog. So it's for such people", explained a spokesperson for GROOVE X.

Lovot will be released in Japan in September for the tag price of JPY 349,000 (USD 3,100), with the tech company expecting to sell it in the US later on.

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