The Muslim community in Christchurch held the first funerals for victims of Friday's mass shooting, on Wednesday, burying a father and his son at the Memorial Park Cemetery.

Khalid Mustafa and his eldest son, 14-year-old Hamza, were the first of the 50 victims to be buried.

Footage shows people carrying a coffin, and a shooting survivor in a wheelchair. Attendees were reportedly instructed by police on how to proceed in case of an emergency evacuation.

One man in particular had strong words for world leaders following the massacre.

“Scott Morrison [Australian PM] needs to really show the Muslim community in Australia that he’s on their side,” said Jamil El-Biza, one of the attendees. “He really needs to push to actually tell the Australian community in general and the Muslim community in particular, that what happened in New Zealand will never – not might, not we will try out best – that it will never happen in Australia.”

A total of 50 people were killed and another 50 were injured in a mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch on March 15, in what was New Zealand's worst attack of all time.

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CBC News 14 Nov 2019 02:35 CET