This scene could become a thing of the past.

There won’t be anybody to tip for your pizza if a new test from Domino’s goes well.

The pizza chain is testing fully autonomous delivery vehicles with robotics company Nuro.

That means no one behind the wheel.

Talk about putting a new spin on the delivery game.

The pilot program will launch in Houston for select Domino’s customers who order online, according to a press release.

Houston is known for its traffic, but Domino’s says Nuro’s unmanned cars have safely been on the city’s roads since March 2019.

Nuro already has a partnership with Kroger, the nation’s largest grocer, and delivers groceries autonomously in Houston and Arizona, according to the Associated Press.

All customers have to do to get their pizza is enter a code a get their pizza from a storage area in the car.

The higher-ups at Domino’s think the self-driving cars will help stores during busy hours.

The world’s biggest pizza company tested autonomous delivery a few years ago, but there was a safety driver at the wheel, according to CNET.

The Associated Press says rival Pizza Hut is also testing driverless delivery with Toyota.

When it comes to the pizza delivery wars, companies are reinventing the wheel!

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